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New York, NY 10013
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We thrive when the stakes are high

Hella built the backbone of Biden for President's ad post-production team. With a pandemic raging and the eyes of the world on us, we grew from nothing to the largest advertiser in America in a few months.

This feat was possible because of our team's unique blend of experience in tech and high-end broadcast television. We craft ads and solve challenges for brands including Google, Sony, and Peloton and political campaigns and committees at all levels.

Along the way, we've developed a tech platform to create more efficiently and collaboratively, achieving incredible production value under intense campaign deadlines.

Treat every project like the future of Democracy is at stake

  • Video Post Production
  • Digital Experiences
  • A/B Testing Pipelines
  • Media Management
  • Creative Templates
  • Backup & Archiving

The Lab

Working in politics, we know effective persuasion starts with the hard work of improving peoples' lives. So as we build our proprietary software platform, we occasionally release tools for free to the community of Democratic creatives. Our goal is to help save you time and win votes, and if it also helps you remember our name, that's cool too.

We're not harvesting email addresses to sell your information or spam you with newsletters hyping our many accomplishments. But if you'd like, we'll give you access to The Lab and let you know when something new is available.